Beautiful Bridal Look in Bath Tube With Wedge Sneakers
Wedge Sneakers

    Wedge Sneakers

    Bring The Wow Factor With Designer Wedge Sneakers 

    For all the edgy queens out there, we know simple wedge sneakers can never be enough for you. At Anaar, we believe in making a statement with our feet. That is why the love of sneakers is combined with the admiration for Indian traditional art, and a piece exuding excellence has been born. To add a fun little twist to the design, Anaar has curated a special collection of wedge heel sneakers for fashion enthusiasts with a taste for something whimsical. The wedge heel makes the sneakers stand apart in the crowd, adding a touch of high fashion to your feet and attire. 

    Sneakers are meant to be worn and walked in. Therefore, our wedge sneakers for women are created keeping comfort in mind. While pencil heels may start hurting after a while, these sneakers give you the edge without the pain. The wedge texture builds better traction, and walking in these ethnic shoes is like treading through clouds all day long. All the high-heel wedge sneakers have ample padding keeping your feet snug even when you keep wearing them throughout the night. So, not every pair of designer shoes have to hurt. At Anaar, we really make it all possible. 

    All That Glitters Is Glamorous: Alluring Wedge Heel Sneakers

    Every girl deserves a spark of joy in her day and her life. However, one is not enough. So, at Anaar, we go the extra mile and bring you enough spark to cover both your feet. Take A Toast To You for an example. The pair defines grandiose artwork. The wedge sneakers sport intricate mirror work, which is a testament to skilled artisans' craftsmanship behind hours of labour to bring people's dreams to life. It also has eye-catching zardozi embroidery that reminds the wearer of the place from where these shoes have travelled to be a part of your story. 

    Another pair of high heel wedge sneakers that deserve a mention are the Stay Golden sneakers. The amount of work that has gone behind this pair is unimaginable. Gold beads and sequins have been hand-embroidered until it made the wedge sneakers for women shine like the milky way galaxy. In fact, even the wedge heel and the laces on this pair of shoes are golden, blending perfectly well with the rest of the shoe, making your feet shine brighter than any star. If that were not enough, these shoes also display the traditional gotta work, making them perfect for any ethnic gathering. 

    You cannot miss Goldilocks from this collection. Just like the name, these shoes will stand the test of time, being classy with a touch of more adventurous touches. The aari embroidery with geometric shapes on this piece is bound to make jaws drop on the floor. Combining silver and golden, these shoes offer the best of both worlds, going perfectly with the aim of Anaar to bring contemporary shoes and traditional artwork in an exclusive. So, feel like a Bollywood star with these wedge sneakers

    Smear Colours With Traditional Wedge Sneakers

    When it comes to traditional Indian art and craft, it has always been dipped in rich and varying hues. Inspired by the colourful past of this vast heritage, Anaar brings wedge sneakers for women that will hypnotise you with their play of dyes in various shades. Look at The Heirloom Signature as an example. The bright scarlet is a majestic colour fit for royalty like yourself. With Dutch satin used as the fabric, the look and feel of these shoes speak of their imperial quality. Besides, the dabka pitta work on these shoes makes a pattern, looking like the branches in a beautiful painting. The detailed work is done by artisans trained in this Rajasthani embroidery style. With these shoes on your feet, you carry the tale of a forgotten time. 

    If one colour is too little for you, The Corsage will draw your attention. With an explosion of colours, these high heel wedge sneakers remind one of the onsets of spring. Couture fashion could not have been defined better! The shoes walk you through a garden blooming with sweet-smelling flowers in various shades. The embroidery is intricate with the use of multiple shades of thread to bring the flowers to life. Anaar also helps with any repair the wedge heel sneakers may require. Hence, you get a pair you can make memories with for a lifetime. Kaleidoscope is also worth considering if you like sneakers. This pair brings the entire carnival to your feet making you the life of the party and the dance floor. 

    Be Fabulous With Frills And Everything Fancy: Trendy Wedge Sneakers For Women

    When your canvas is white, you can paint any picture on it. That is exactly what artisans at Anaar do with Paradise Signature. Do you like sandy beaches and seashells? Then these wedge sneakers will be your pearl of the ocean. The shoes give off the feel of a tropical paradise. The texture of a rocky beach is created with beads and embroidery, while embellishments like those of conch seashells really tie up the picturesque look of the shoes. Further, these shoes are slip-on, so wearing them is a fuss-free task. We bet you will feel like these shoes are made for your feet!

    The love that goes behind Frills and Friends is enormous. An artisan takes no less than 44 hours to complete one pair. The shoes are adorned in chic flowers of organza fabric to make the wedge heel sneakers a sheer picture of extravaganza. At the back, beading and sequin embroidery create a fun geometric design that prepares someone for the sophisticated and frilly grey floral arrangement in the front. 

    At Anaar, we try to make all your desires and wishes come true. If you are someone who is not afraid to flaunt their beauty, we will have a pair of high heel wedge sneakers that will be your partner in crime. 

    Tap into the world of bespoke customised wedge heel sneakers with us!


    Q 1) What is a wedge sneaker?

    A wedge sneaker is a type of footwear that has a built-in wedge heel, combining the comfort of a sneaker with the height-boosting effect of a heel.    

    Q 2) Are wedge sneakers comfortable?

    Yes, wedge sneakers are designed to be comfortable and provide better support than traditional high heels.    

    Q 3) What should I wear with wedge sneakers?

    Wedge sneakers can be paired with a variety of outfits, from jeans and leggings to dresses and skirts.    

    Q 4) How do I care for my wedge sneakers?

    To care for your wedge sneakers, clean them regularly with a soft brush and a mild detergent, and avoid exposing them to water or extreme temperatures.    

    Q 5) Can I wear wedge sneakers to work?

    It depends on your workplace dress code, but wedge sneakers can be a stylish and comfortable option for casual or business-casual environments.