Sangeet / Cocktail Shoes
Sangeet / Cocktail Shoes

    Sangeet / Cocktail Shoes

    Groove All Night With Anaar Exclusive Cocktail Party Shoes

    Shoes are complete wedding attire. For the brides out there, who have an eye for couture details, Anaar brings the best-in-class trendy shoes for Sangeet. Sangeet calls for a grand celebration, and festivities are never complete if you do not let your hair down and dance to some good music. To help you revel in the night of your dreams, these one-of-a-kind cocktail dress shoes are a perfect choice. Not only for Sangeet, but these shoes can glam up any party with their presence. If you want to be the bride whose styling sense will be praised for many more events to come, these classy and chic shoes have got your back.

    Who knew comfort and high fashion could go hand in hand? These cocktail shoes for ladies feature a specially curated collection from Anaar which features all elements that a bride can dream of. The cocktail party shoes have been handpicked to go perfectly with party outfits with a wide range of designs and patterns to suit the taste of different brides. Your heels may start hurting and pinching after a few hours. However, with these Sangeet shoes, your feet remain in comfort throughout the night. The fact that the stylish cocktail shoes even go with the theme of Sangeet is just an added bonus.

    Bedazzled With Black Cocktail Dress Shoes

    Black isn't the traditional choice for auspicious events. But do you wish to stand out? The beauty of the hue of black is that you can pair it with anything, and the cocktail shoes seamlessly complement the attire. The obsidian shade sets the theme for regal beauty for the bride-to-be. Therefore, at Anaar, shoes for Sangeet have a large section dedicated to the black hue that matches the dark of the night. Just like a beautiful starry night, these Sangeet shoes have their fair share of glitter that twinkle as bright as the bride's eyes before her special day. From contemporary to ethnic style, you can party the way you want to with these cocktail shoes for ladies.

    Take the Masquerade shoes for Sangeet for example. Like its name, it truly represents an explosion of fun and frolic. The luxurious black satin is the perfect canvas on which the artist paints the spirit of festivities on this beautiful pair. To accentuate the elegance of the wedge sneakers, Gota work has been done on the shoes. Skilled artisans from Rajasthan immaculately embellish the pair of shoes with this traditional art. However, if the bride wants to be party-ready with cocktail party shoes meant for a princess, Anaar has Stardust sneakers for every picky buyer. With a buckle bejewelled with crystals, this pair is for brides who like a modern twist to their ornate footwear. It flaunts the perfect blend of minimalist fashion with a key piece that makes it the showstopper of the night.

    Shimmery Silver Sangeet Shoes For The Stunning Bride

    The right pair of shoes is like finding that one missing element of your dream look. Anaar with its innovative design and endeavour to combine the prospect of sneakers with the traditional art that is a gemstone in India's rich cultural heritage is your one-stop destination for unique pairs of cocktail shoes that you will not find anywhere else. For the brides who are having a winter wedding, what can be better than these shoes for Sangeet that define the very vibe of winter that bring Christmas with all its charm and wonder? With the presence of ample sparkles, it will be like walking with snowflakes on your feet.

    One such pair is the Disco 22 Classic. The cocktail party shoes have the ideal balance of chic and glitter making them suitable for wearing both day and night. The shoes take inspiration from the disco balls that liven up any party. With this pair of cocktail shoes for ladies, your Sangeet night likewise will definitely be livened up as well.

    Every bride deserves to have an opinion on their bridal footwear. That is why Anaar also allows you to perform customisations on the sneakers. This particular pair, for example, can be customised with beautiful charms that help express the quirky fashionista in you. If you need a more robust wow factor in your cocktail dress shoes, Anaar can quench your maximalist thirst with the Frills and Friends sneakers. Embroidery, beading, and everything fantastic form a part of this pair. Grey Organza flowers cover the breadth of the shoes, creating an exclusive geometric pattern that is bound to be the talk of the night. For all the fashion connoisseurs out there, make your wedding grand with Anaar.

    Be Charismatic and Classic With Cocktail Shoes For Ladies

    When it comes to nailing party shades, Anaar really takes the prize with its wide range of cocktail party shoes including gorgeous sneakers. Champagne gold is such a versatile shade that suits big fat Indian wedding themes. For brides who like a touch of noble elegance in their attire, shoes in this hue will be the ribbon that wraps up the beautiful present that you are. The artisans' use of subtle charm with multiple shades of champagne gold gives an added edge to the sneakers.

    Moreover, Anaar knows how particular brides can get with an eye for fashion. Hence, even the toe shape comes in two varying styles to choose from. With these sneakers, dance with beauty and grace on your Sangeet day. It takes artisans more than a day, nearly 32 hours to complete such a pair to perfection. With little trinkets as charms, you can get really creative with the sneakers. Anaar lets every bride decide how their wedding footwear will look. Each pair of sneakers from Anaar is for life, with the team always there for assistance in case of any damage or repair issues far into the future. Get the footwear of your dreams and encapsulate memories of a night worth remembering for the rest of your life.

    Anaar makes you the showstopper of your wedding!


    Q 1) What are Sangeet Cocktail shoes?

    Sangeet Cocktail shoes are a type of footwear designed specifically for Indian wedding ceremonies and receptions.

    Q 2) Are the Sangeet Cocktail shoes comfortable for dancing?

    Yes, the Sangeet Cocktail shoes are designed for dancing and come with comfortable soles and cushioning for extended wear.

    Q 3) What materials are used to make Sangeet Cocktail shoes?

    The Sangeet Cocktail shoes are made from a variety of materials including velvet, silk, and leather.

    Q 4) Can Sangeet Cocktail shoes be worn with other traditional Indian outfits besides lehengas?

    Yes, Sangeet Cocktail shoes can be paired with other Indian outfits such as sarees, salwar suits, and anarkalis.

    Q 5) Are the Sangeet Cocktail shoes available in different sizes?

    Yes, the Sangeet Cocktail shoes are available in different sizes ranging from US 5 to US 10, and some styles also offer half sizes.