Footwear For Haldi Ceremony Dressed in Colours Of Cheer
Haldi / Mehendi Shoes

    Haldi / Mehendi Shoes

    Get Gala With Gorgeous Footwear For Haldi Ceremony

    The Haldi ceremony is a day in a bride's life that must be filled with bright colours anticipating her colourful future with the love of her life. Therefore, to keep up with that joyous celebrations, Anaar brings an exclusive collection of handcrafted artisanal Haldi footwear that take inspiration from rich traditional art styles present in every culture of India. These Mehendi shoes form a connection with the roots of Indian culture. Anaar brings artistic treasures to instil a sense of pride and belonging in every pride. Hand-decorated with mehendi, these ethnic wedge sneakers would define couture and make jaws drop as you make your way to the centre of the eventful day.

    While Haldi and Mehendi are days defined by colours of cheer, they also require the brides to run around and be on their feet a lot. That is why Anaar takes care not only to make the Mehendi footwear aesthetic to look at but it delivers the utmost comfort. So, even if you have to run in them all day, your feet will not be sore at the end of the day. All the Haldi shoes handpicked for the collection have a lightweight outsole with the choicest fabric that strives to make the bride's day a little easier. Besides, these shoes exude the hint of the extravaganza that every queen needs on her special day.

    Play Of Petals For The Perfect Bride

    The Haldi festivities have to be defined by sweet-smelling flowers that make the day look like it is straight out of a fairytale book. Anaar loves to stay rooted in the traditions of India, the art of which inspires the best high fashion. Hence, the footwear for the Haldi ceremony is likewise exquisite pieces of creativity made with care for each bride. If you want flowers to adorn your pretty feet, get your dream Mehendi shoes at Anaar.

    The thoughtfully curated Corsage collection is one of the best-selling footwear for the haldi ceremony. Just like the name suggests, the modern sneakers are ornate with flowers that look no less beautiful than a corsage on a princess' hand. If you want to go for a stroll through a picturesque garden filled with the gifts of flora, it cannot get better than the Haldi footwear at Anaar. Designed on a white background, it helps bring out the vibrancy of each embroidered flower on the sneakers even more. With the use of textured work, the flowers on the Mehendi footwear really appear as though they are in full bloom for the bride.

    Moreover, Anaar takes utmost care to make the Haldi shoes both practical and beautiful. Fidgeting with laces might not be what a bride wants to do throughout the day. Therefore, we have sneakers that feature a lace style while being a slip-on in reality. This way, wearing and taking the shoes off becomes a breeze for the bride with her heavy traditional attire.

    Marvel At The Melange Of Hues With Haldi Footwear For The Graceful Bride

    For visionary brides with a penchant for experimental fashion, Anaar has a special gift tied in laces for you. The footwear for the Haldi ceremony combines the best elements of conventional and quirky styles. The trendy and modern sleek sneakers are dipped in the rich history of Indian art and craft to create unique pairs of Mehendi shoes. These sneakers fill your day with the spirit of exuberance through an explosion of colours. These shoes will be the touch of grandeur which will turn your day into a Bollywood movie wrapped in colours and music. So, for all the brides who want to paint the festive day with every shade of the rainbow, Anaar is your one-stop destination for ethnic sneakers. Your Bollywood dreams are about to come true!

    Celebrate your day wearing these shoes which will turn into a souvenir for all the memories you make surrounded by your loved ones.

    When wearing the Carnival sneakers, it takes you back to an event that connects India and its art. It took inspiration from the multi-coloured tents and glimmer of warm lights, which artisans from all over the place come to sell their wares. If you love traditional patchwork designs, this pair of Haldi shoes will take your breath away. Besides, an artisan of Rajasthan carefully creates each pair with the traditional Leheriya pattern mixed with Gota work, both of which have made their mark with their intricate artwork.

    For those who need a more powerful kick to ensure all eyes are only on them, the Kaleidoscope is a piece of art in itself. The Mehendi footwear displays luxury at its finest, the sneakers being filled with delicate Zardozi work and the finest beads for the high-fashion bride. The artisans use hand-cut geometric shapes to check on each element and keep it flawless. It is a key feature of these sneakers adding more value to the craft. Each pair of the Kaleidoscope sneakers take an artisan nearly 45 hours to complete. Undoubtedly, you can be sure of the effort and love invested in footwear. So, no matter the style, Anaar has something for every bride who wants to have a grand Indian wedding.

    Spread Love With Anaar Haldi Footwear

    These ethnic sneakers are too beautiful not to share. That is why Anaar makes it easy with various E-gift cards that help you show your loved ones you care even if you do not know their shoe size. The gift cards come in different themes, all of which are beautifully decorated to make sure it puts a smile on the face of whoever gets to open them. At Anaar, we want to share our love for Indian traditional art with the whole world. That is why we are not restricted by any boundaries; our shipping is available all over the world. So, you can send footwear for the Haldi ceremony and any other occasion to any corner of the world through Anaar.

    Anaar is the choice of the bride who wants to be exquisite!


    Q 1) What are Haldi Mehendi Shoes?

    Haldi Mehendi shoes are traditional Indian footwear designed specifically for the pre-wedding ceremonies of Haldi and Mehendi.  

    Q 2) What materials are used to make Haldi Mehendi Shoes?

    Haldi Mehendi shoes are typically made with soft and comfortable materials such as cotton, silk, or jute.    

    Q 3) Can I wear Haldi Mehendi shoes outside of wedding events?

    Yes, Haldi Mehendi shoes can be worn for any festive or cultural occasions, or simply as stylish and comfortable everyday footwear.    

    Q 4) How can I choose the right size for Haldi Mehendi shoes?

    It is recommended to measure your feet and refer to the size chart provided on the product page to select the appropriate size.    

    Q 5) How can I care for my Haldi Mehendi shoes?

    To keep your Haldi Mehendi shoes looking their best, it's important to avoid exposing them to moisture, sunlight, or harsh chemicals, and to clean them gently using a soft, damp cloth.