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Classic Sneakers

    Classic Sneakers

    Better Than Cinderella's Shoes: Ethnic Classic Sneakers

    Are you always looking for ways to add more personality to your pair of classic sneakers? At Anaar, we had the same dream. India's rich cultural heritage reminds one of a glorious past. Our shoes transport you back in time when each little embellishment on a piece of fabric spoke of the story of artists from a different land. To pay homage to that, Anaar has started an initiative to make a platform for all the forgotten traditional art styles. 

    With the quirky concept of mixing the comfort of sneakers with the extravagance of traditional Indian art, the classic sneakers for women at Anaar are in a league of their own. It is a unique and fresh perspective. There are no questions that these shoes are what fashion enthusiasts are eyeing. So, if you have always dreamed about having shoes that can make your head turn, get a pair of sneakers from Anaar. 

    While classy sneakers women are the life of the party themselves, they also have a practical design. Who said beauty had to be painful? At Anaar, we believe in breaking that stereotype. Our sneakers are stunning enough to encourage you to dance or run without worrying about hurting your feet. Hence, if you are about to get busy on your feet for an entire day, do not settle for mediocre, and choose Anaar. Your feet will shine as bright as you with these trendy shoes. 

    All the shoes have lush padding that is nothing less than a heavenly paradise on your feet. With a wide range of styles, you are sure to find a pair of classic sneakers that speaks to your soul. 

    A Dash Of Gold Beauty For The Goddess: Classy Sneakers Women

    For the ones who are not afraid of being loud and proud, Anaar has a massive treat in store. Exuding a noble grace, the classic sneakers women put Midas' touch to shame. Look at Honeybee for an example. These shoes are ready to participate in a night full of revelry. It reminds one of the fun nights with warm lights and loved ones. Many different components come together to paint a picture of these classic sneakers. While the gota work is carefully done to add a touch of sparkle to the shoes, the embroidery creates motifs that entrance whoever sets their eyes on this pair. Moreover, with a canvas made of satin, these shoes redefine opulence. 

    If Honeybee is not your style, there is also the subtler The Empress waiting to be picked up. These classic sneakers for women are a perfect balance between festive and casual, making them great to be paired with any attire for any type of event. The brocade work done on this piece is simply impeccable. The flower motifs look as though you are looking at them through a translucent screen, which is one of the key points of these shoes. 

    On the sides, the dabka pitta work keeps your feet party-ready. In a simple yet detailed zigzag pattern, little hand-cut embellishments of beads are sewn all over the body. Anaar pays minute attention to detail. Hence, even the soles and laces of these shoes are golden in colour. So, slip these shoes on and show everybody who the queen is. 

    Define Elegance With Chic Classic Sneakers

    For the minimalists with a love for a sprinkle of fairy dust, we have something special in store for you. As said before, Anaar wants to cater to the taste of all the princesses out there. Hence, we have some stylish classy sneakers women for parties that do more by using less. Stardust is a great example from this collection. The muse for these shoes is clear skies twinkling with stars from far away. 

    The shoes look like your favourite hiking memory envisioned as a pair of sneakers. Shimmer PU is used for the body of the shoes, giving the illusion of a starry night. For a fairytale touch to the classic sneakers, a black ribbon is tied in the front with an ornate buckle that is bejewelled with beautiful dainty crystals. Besides, the slip-on style in this pair gives it a clean look, as though they were boots from a princess from a storybook. 

    If these classic sneakers for women struck a chord with you, Anaar also has Sweet Talk for consideration. Pastel colours and simple details are great for wearing during the daytime. So, if you are going on a trip or to a brunch, these classic sneakers can be the bedazzling element of your attire. Foiled Milano satin fabric gives these shoes a really soft look. Moreover, the colour reminds you of summer and cotton candy. Indeed, the shoes are so snug that it will be like wearing cotton candy on your feet. To add a touch of razzle-dazzle, beautiful crystal tassels have been embroidered on the sneakers. These shoes are meant to look and feel good on your feet. 

    Be Fun And Festive With Fabulous Designer Classic Sneakers

    When it comes to bringing the party to your feet, Anaar knows how to nail it. Just take a look at Masquerade classic sneakers women. These shoes are bound to be the centre of attention in any room you walk into. Taking inspiration from a masquerade ball, an alluring black canvas is used to make the geometric golden pattern pop on these classic sneakers for women. The intricate gota work has really found a place to shine on this piece. These shoes are perfect for a femme fatale who loves to party.

    If you are looking for an explosion of hues, pick up Carnival instead. Making use of complementary colours from the colour spectrum, these classy sneakers women perfectly express the ethos of traditional art on sneakers. Patchwork helps to create a visual delight on these sneakers. From embroidered floral designs to gota and zari work, these shoes display extravagance like never before. So, if you want to carry the history of Indian textile crafts on your feet, it does not get better than this pair. 

    Anaar elevates your taste in fashion with one-of-a-kind classic sneakers!


    Q 1) What are the sizes available for Classic Sneakers on Shopanaar?

    Classic Sneakers are available in sizes ranging from US 5 to US 12.

    Q 2) Can I return or exchange Classic Sneakers purchased from Shopanaar?

    Yes, Shopanaar offers a 30-day return and exchange policy for their Classic Sneakers.

    Q 3) Are Classic Sneakers on Shopanaar made from leather?

    Yes, Classic Sneakers on Shopanaar are made from Genuine leather.

    Q 4) What is the shipping time for Classic Sneakers purchased from Shopanaar?

    Shopanaar offers free standard shipping which takes 5-7 business days within India, and 10-12 business days for international orders.

    Q 5) How should I clean the classic sneakers?

    It is recommended to use a soft brush or cloth with a mild soap and water solution to clean the classic sneakers.