Weddiing Footwear For The Beginning Of Forever From Anaar
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    Wedding Shoes

    A Bling Festival For Every Bride: Designer Wedding Shoes

    For the dream wedding, every element needs to be perfect. Not every bride is the same, and at Anaar, we understand that. We are here for the experimental brides who have a penchant for extravagance. Anaar brings the best wedding shoes for bride that will knock everybody off their feet. However, these are not just any shoes. These are for the visionaries of those bold brides who are not afraid to flaunt their unique style. You do not need to wear heels all the time. We make a fashion statement with these elegant designer wedding shoes.

    Anaar is your one-stop destination for everything couture and glamourous when it comes to footwear. The ethnic sneakers are unlike anything you have seen before. With artisans working all over India, the bride forges a connection with her vast culture on her special day. Each pair of wedge sneakers takes inspiration from a specific art style, creating a melange of modern footwear with traditional art. To take the steps towards your forever with your special someone, these wedding shoes for bride will be the perfect choice to go with your equally gorgeous wedding attire.

    Scarlet Sensation: Pick The Best Wedding Shoes For Bride

    Nothing exudes royalty like the deep red hue of an Indian bride. Most Indian cultures consider red to be auspicious for wedding ceremonies. However, it is not easy to find comfortable wedding shoes for bride in this shade. That is why Anaar makes sure to curate a selection of sneakers dipped in a hue of red that will get the bride ready from head to toe. Take the Heirloom Signature sneakers for an example. It tells the story of the artisans of Rajasthan, where the Dabka Pitta style of embroidery originated. The shoes are intricately embellished with ornate embroidery of metal and beads. The final result of forming various beautiful motifs and patterns on the pair of sneakers will make you instantly fall in love.

    Anaar wants to make every bride feel special on her important day. Hence, no need to fret about the red shade either. The shoes are available in a range of different shades of red, from maroon to crimson, so have no qualms and treat yourself to designer wedding shoes. The shoes take inspiration beyond the borders of India as well. From the distinct shade of Autumn to the envy-worthy art left behind by the flourishing Aztec civilisation. All of these form part of the collection of wedding shoes for bride at Anaar.

    Gold Dust For The Glamourous Queen: Classic Wedding Shoes For Bride

    When it comes to festivities, every bride deserves a dash of fairy dust on her wedding day. So, why not have it on her feet? Gold is a colour that not only complements traditional festive attires in India but also brings the right amount of sparkle to any party. And on her special day, the bride is the life of the party after all. The artists at Anaar have mindfully added exclusive chic pairs of designer wedding shoes for the majestic bride. These sneakers have a character of their own, with their nifty details setting them apart in the crowd.

    Each pair of sneakers at Anaar is handcrafted with the utmost care. The beads are often hand-cut and embroidered in a signature pattern that has made Anaar the favourite of so many brides worldwide. Brocade work is often found in our sneakers that make use of chic sequins and everything fashionable to make them the best pair of footwear you own. Anaar always pays attention to the most minute elements, hence, even the laces on the shoes are designed with great care to blend perfectly with the sneakers. The beautiful Honeybee, for example, has exquisite motifs that belong on the feet of an empress like yourself.

    You deserve to be the bride everyone talks about in the soirees and grand festivities.

    Dance Through The Night In Comfortable Wedding Shoes For Bride

    Who said the best wedding shoes for bride cannot be comfortable? Anaar makes no compromise with comfort! We use the best-in-class materials for the bride to feel gorgeous without having painful memories. Moreover, these trendy sneakers make use of satin, silk and other luxurious fabric, not only for the sake of aesthetics but also to make you feel as though you are walking on clouds. With adequate padding in the right places, your feet are protected all day from any impact.

    Your wedding certainly calls for a big celebration, and what is a big celebration without a party? To make sure you can dance through the night, these sneakers put equal emphasis on comfort and elegance. Moving in your wedding dress will be difficult let alone wearing shoes in them. Keeping such practical needs in mind, Anaar's collection features the usual lace-up style sneakers and the slip-on kind. Now, wearing pretty shoes is both hassle-free and comfortable. However, the laces are not to be underestimated either! They have a certain charm themselves with their blinks and charisma. So, there is something for every bride-to-be.

    An Artisan's Care For Every Bride

    Anaar tries to fulfil the desires of all brides who want to embrace their Indian culture at her wedding. For that reason, it helps to take the work of the local artisans to brides all over the world. The skilled artisans take anywhere from 22-40 hours to complete one pair of shoes, perfect to the last detail. After that, shipping is available worldwide so every bride can have the sneakers of her dreams on her wedding day. This way, you can appreciate the work of these local artisans no matter where you are. Besides, Anaar is always ready to assist in case the sneakers require any repair down the years. So, you have got yourself comfortable wedding shoes for bride that will last you for a lifetime.

    Be an Anaar bride today!


    Q 1) What materials are the wedding shoes made of?

    The wedding shoes are made of high-quality materials such as silk, satin, leather, and suede.

    Q 2) Do you offer customization options for the wedding shoes?

    Yes, we offer customization options such as color, heel height, and embellishments for the wedding shoes.

    Q 3) What sizes are available for the wedding shoes?

    The wedding shoes are available in US sizes 5-12, with some styles also available in half sizes.

    Q 4) What is your return policy for the wedding shoes?

    We offer a hassle-free 30-day return policy for our wedding shoes, as long as they are in their original condition and packaging.

    Q 5) Can I wear the wedding shoes for other occasions besides weddings?

    Yes, our wedding shoes are versatile and can be worn for other formal events such as proms, galas, and cocktail parties.