6 Must Have Sneakers for Mehendi

Ah, the mesmerizing art of Mehendi! As brides-to-be sit patiently, letting artisans craft intricate patterns on their hands and feet, the right footwear can make all the difference. From adding a dash of pizzazz to ensuring you're not wiggling your toes in discomfort, choosing the perfect pair is no less important than selecting the Mehendi design itself. After all, as they say in the shoe business, "Give a woman the right shoes, and she can conquer the world – or at least her Mehendi ceremony." Ready to step up your game? Let's dive in!

Why Footwear Matters for Mehendi

The symphony of colors, laughter, and art that defines a Mehendi ceremony. But, just as a diva's ensemble is only complete with her signature perfume, a bride's Mehendi look is finished once she steps into her chosen footwear. Let's stride into why this matters:

Complementing the intricate Mehendi designs

A delicate latticework of henna on your feet begs for the right frame. And that's where your footwear steps in. Sneakers can elevate sophistication, literally and figuratively, making those patterns stretch and stand out in grace. On the other hand, Sneakers bring in a contemporary flair, allowing modern brides to showcase their traditional designs with a hint of playful defiance. After all, fashion loves a good paradox.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Picking the Perfect Pair

Navigating the world of women's footwear, especially for an occasion as symbolic as Mehendi, can feel like a walk through a maze in stilettos. Fear not! Here are some pointers to ensure you tread right:

Comfort is key: Ensuring a pain-free Mehendi session

Your sneakers should feel like an extension of yourself. Look for cushioned insoles, ergonomic designs, and a snug fit. The right footwear should whisper comfort, not scream for attention with every step.

Color coordination: Matching or contrasting with the Mehendi outfit

While some brides love the symphony of matching shades, others thrive on contrasts. Whether you're team 'Twinning' or team 'Daring Divergence', ensure your shoes harmonize with your ensemble's palette.

Material matters: Why breathable materials make a difference

With all the excitement, lights, and possibly dancing, your feet might feel like they're hosting their own little party. Materials like genuine leather or breathable fabrics can make sure this party remains cool and comfortable.

Top 6 Sneakers for Mehendi

When tradition meets trendy, you get Anaar’s star footwear.

Cinnamon Sugar Wedge Sneakers

Anaar's Cinnamon Sugar Wedge Sneakers are a golden dream of microsuede, sequins, and beads. This stylish lace-up, with a 3.25" heel, is the modern bride's answer to Mehendi elegance and comfort. Crafted with linen satin and genuine leather, it's where fashion weds function. And behind each pair 32 hours of artisanal dedication, making every step a story.

Candy Clouds Wedge Sneakers

Imagine a confectionary fantasy. Now, wear it. Anaar's Candy Clouds Wedge Sneakers transport you to a whimsical world where every step feels like treading on candy clouds. The microsuede marvel, sprinkled with candy-colored beads, promises both comfort and charisma. Whether paired with traditional attire or a swanky gown, they stand out, urging you to flaunt that infectious smile. With 30 hours of artisanal craftsmanship, a 3.25" heel, and a lightweight outsole, it's a sweet treat for your feet.

Latte Folk Wedge Sneakers

For lovers of languid moments and timeless style, meet Anaar's Latte Folk Wedge Sneakers. Crafted in delicate microsuede, these sneakers sparkle with sequins and intricate bead embroidery, evoking the warmth of a cherished latte. Suited for every occasion, from festive frolics to engagement elegance, this versatile piece promises comfort at every step. Lace them up, and you're ready to sway with poise or wander whimsically. Behind this calming facade lies 30 hours of artisan dedication. A shoe that's not just worn but cherished.

Bonfire Classic Sneakers

For moments that call for serene shores and warm bonfires, Anaar presents the Bonfire Classic Sneakers. Embodying the balance of comfort and chic, these rustic jute wonders come alive with mirrors, shells, sequins, and exquisite cutdana embroidery. It's where modern design waltzes with traditional Indian artistry, ensuring all eyes are on you. Whether you're on a honeymoon escapade or a breezy beach soirée, pair these with wild posies in your hair, and you're set for memories that last. And remember, 20 hours of artisanal love goes into crafting this beauty.

Pinot Noir Classic Sneakers


For the connoisseurs of style and substance, Anaar uncorks the Pinot Noir Classic Sneakers. Much like the sophistication of its namesake wine, this pair is crafted for those who don't just wear shoes but celebrate them. Wrapped in luxurious microsuede, it boasts meticulous embroidery of sequins, beads, and cutdana, capturing the allure of a starlit night. Its comfortable sole and timeless black hue make it the shoe equivalent of that little black dress — eternally stylish. Ideal for Sangeet or cocktail soirées, these sneakers are a testament to 40 hours of artisanal craftsmanship.

Audrey Classic Sneakers

Echoing the timeless elegance of its 60s fashion muse, Anaar introduces the Audrey Classic Sneakers. Crafted with the finesse deserving of its iconic namesake, every shoe is adorned with crochet flowers, intricate lace, and luminous pearls. Designed for the contemporary bride, these sneakers seamlessly transition from solemn vows to vibrant dance floors. Whether you're embracing tradition or letting loose to the rhythm, the Audrey sneaker stands by you. Behind this embodiment of grace lies a commitment of 25 hours, each moment dedicated to artisanal perfection.

Styling Tips for Sneakers at Mehendi

Mehendi is all about celebrating traditions with a touch of personal flair. Regarding footwear, you shouldn't have to compromise on style or comfort. Here are some styling pointers to ensure your sneakers enhance your Mehendi look:

  • Mix and Match: Don't be afraid to pair your vibrant ethnic outfits with chic sneakers. The contrast can create a modern, playful look that's both stylish and comfortable.
  • Accessorize Thoughtfully: Consider your shoe's detailing. If they're ornate with beads and sequins, keep your jewelry minimal. Let your shoes be the statement piece.
  • Length Matters: Opt for ankle-length or shorter outfits if you're sporting statement sneakers. This ensures they get the spotlight they deserve.
  • Comfort First: For those choosing heel sneakers, ensure they're of a comfortable height, especially if you plan to dance. Consider insoles for added support.
  • Consider the Venue: If your Mehendi is on grass or sandy venues, wedge sneakers are a dream. They provide stability without sacrificing elegance.
  • Personal Touch: Customizing your sneakers with personal touches, like your wedding date or initials, can add a memorable twist.
  • Plan Ahead: Break in your shoes before the big day. The last thing you want is discomfort or blisters.


Q1: Can I wear sneakers to a traditional Mehendi ceremony?

A1: Absolutely! Modern brides are breaking norms and embracing comfort with style. Sneakers, especially those adorned with traditional embellishments, blend seamlessly with ethnic wear, offering a chic and contemporary look.

Q2: Are wedge sneakers suitable for outdoor venues?

A3: Yes, wedge sneakers offer a stable grip, making them ideal for grassy or sandy venues. They combine the elegance of heels with the comfort of sneakers.

Q3: How do I care for my ornate sneakers post the event?

A4: Use a soft brush to remove dirt. For sneakers with embellishments, gently wipe with a damp cloth and let them air dry. Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Q4: Can I customize my Anaar sneakers?

A5: Many brands, including Anaar, offer customization options. It's best to contact the brand directly for specific customization requests.


Selecting the right footwear for your Mehendi merges tradition, comfort, and individual flair. Whether it's the sophistication of heels or the contemporary vibe of sneakers, the ultimate choice should echo your unique style. As fashions shift, always remember that confidence is your best adornment. Here's to stepping into your celebrations with grace and leaving a lasting impression!