We are Anaar

Our brand is a modern-day motif adorning women fluent in the language of couture celebrations. It shines the brightest on the ones who wear confidence as their most precious jewel. The brand embodies the pomegranate’s crown as a symbol of prosperity. The fruit’s colour is a reminder of great love, an emotion that sits at the core of Indian ceremonies.

Anaar is your spark of joy. It is an ornament of abundant happiness for celebrations of all sizes, from intimate soirees to grand festivities.

Romantic hearts. Inspired minds.

Our footwear catalogue is an ode to rituals that survived generations and became our biggest inspiration. With Anaar, you will rekindle your love for Indian culture through contemporary and comfortable shoe designs. If you have an appetite for novelty and a penchant for luxury, our products will leave you brimming and beaming. They are designed to be shapeshifters that dress for the occasion.

They peep from under maximalist festive ensembles and sparkle just enough to match the twinkle in your eye. It’s a perfect match for women who yearn to add magic in the everyday.

We make shoes. We make showstoppers.

At our workshop, quality and precision are non-negotiable. The process of designing each piece is where we experiment, explore, and tell stories. Our creative thinking hats and shoemaking tools are accessories we swear by. We want our footwear to evoke emotions, start conversations, and accompany you to many happily-ever-afters.

For the unique in you.

Our handcrafted pieces of footwear create space for something new while honouring the old. The silhouettes of Anaar combine comfortable shapes with
fresh designs to deliver one-of-a-kind luxury Indian footwear — a sight no guests will forget.

Anaar doesn’t just make a statement; it cheers you on wherever you go, leaving behind a trail of sparks.

For any occasion that demands you to be dressed up from head to toe, we promise to take care of the latter.