6 Golden Rules for Brides While Picking Your Wedding Day Footwear

Ah, the wedding day – a grand affair of love, commitment, and, let’s face it, countless hours on your feet. While the spotlight might be on the gown, it’s the shoes doing the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting. Bridal shoe shopping isn’t just another task; it’s the fine line between feeling on top of the world and yearning for a foot massage. With a decade in the women's footwear industry, allow me to guide you through the essential rules for picking the perfect pair for your big day.

Most Important Things Before Buying Bridal Footwear:

Start Early and Take Your Time

In the world of bridal shoe shopping, early birds do get the best pairs. Think of this process as a marathon, not a sprint. Starting ahead provides you the privilege of choice, ensuring you're not confined to those eleventh-hour panic purchases. Over my ten years in women's footwear, I've witnessed many a bride's hurried choices lead to shoe regret.

By allocating sufficient time, you not only align with the pulse of current shoe trends but also gravitate toward timeless designs. And let's remember the added bonus: the opportunity to break in those beauties. This ensures they feel like a second skin, rather than instruments of torture, on your big day. As they say, Cinderella's perfect fit wasn't an overnight find – and neither will yours be.

Prioritize Comfort Without Compromising Elegance

The charm of those sky-high stilettos and intricate heels truly complements the elegance of a bride. However, here's a nugget of wisdom: while aesthetics play a pivotal role in your choice, they shouldn't be the sole determiner. Having witnessed brides gracefully glide in their heels, yet occasionally yearning for relief, the mantra remains clear: prioritize comfort alongside beauty.

Drawing wisdom from ten years in footwear, there's no trade-off between style and ease. Your feet will thank you if you choose cushioned insoles, arch support, and a familiar heel height. In today's diverse world of bridal shoes, chic design and comfort aren't mutually exclusive. The trick lies in seeking that sweet spot where elegance meets solace.

Coordinating with the Wedding Dress

As you stand at the altar or make your grand entrance, it’s not just about the dress or shoes alone, but the harmonious blend of both. Every gown, be it an opulent ballgown or a sleek mermaid dress, has a footwear counterpart that complements its essence. The initial step is understanding the length, style, and colour nuances of your dress.

Now, a pro-tip from my vault of footwear wisdom: don't wait for the last dress fitting to think about shoes. Secure them beforehand. This not only aids in dress alterations but also ensures a cohesive look. It's all about stitching together the narrative of your outfit. Whether you're aiming for stark contrasts, colour-matched perfection, or tonal gradations, your shoes and dress should dance in tandem, creating an ensemble that's undeniably you.

Versatility Beyond the Wedding Day

Let’s address the shoebox in the room: post-wedding utility. While your wedding day is undeniably special, it's wise to invest in footwear that carries the promise of longevity, both in style and function. The idea isn't just to have them peeking out from beneath your gown for a few hours but to strut in them on other occasions as well.

Drawing from the evolving trends in the footwear industry, versatility is not just about durability but adaptability. Opt for designs that resonate with various attires, be it an evening gala or a romantic dinner. This approach not only offers value for money but also makes an eco-friendly statement. In essence, let your bridal shoes be a reminder of your special day, every time you step out in them, long after the wedding bells have rung.

Sneakers for Sangeet – Dance the Night Away in Style

The Sangeet is where tradition meets exhilaration. It's a night of revelry, rhythm, and foot-tapping fun. But what if those feet could be both fashionable and comfortable? Enter: sneakers. No longer confined to morning jogs or gym sessions, they're taking the bridal world by storm, and for good reason.

For those with an eye for the exquisite, consider the fresh off the runway collection available for pre-booking at Anaar's New Collection. Unveiled at the prestigious New York Fashion Week, this ensemble is a curated blend of style, comfort, and that avant-garde sparkle perfect for making your Sangeet a dazzling affair to remember. Whether you're swirling around gracefully or owning the dance floor with your moves, these sneakers promise a comfortable and stylish experience, making the night equally delightful for your feet and heart.

Incorporating sneakers into traditional attire isn't just a nod to comfort, but also a playful twist to convention. The current wave in the footwear industry confirms that brides are now inclined towards this eclectic blend. Opt for embellished, sequined, or custom-designed sneakers that mirror the glitz of the occasion. With the right pair, you can effortlessly transition from elegant twirls to dance floor grooves, ensuring your Sangeet is as memorable for your feet as it is for your heart.

Customization – Make Them Uniquely Yours

There’s a certain charm in owning something that’s exclusively tailored for you, especially for a day as personal as your wedding. In the vast world of bridal footwear, customization is the secret ingredient to achieving that unique blend of personality and style.

Dive into the realms of personal touches, be it with monograms, date inscriptions, or even a design inspired by your love story. Collaborate with artisans or shoe designers who specialize in bespoke creations. This not only ensures a fit tailored to your foot's architecture but also offers a design that's genuine 'you'. By infusing these personalized elements, you're not just wearing a shoe; you’re donning a story, a memory, a piece of art that remains a treasured keepsake long after the celebrations fade.


Choosing the right footwear for your wedding day is a journey that weaves together aesthetics, comfort, and individuality. It's more than just a purchase; it's an intimate choice that reflects who you are and the story you wish to tell. As you embark on this adventure, let these golden rules be your guiding stars. After all, every step you take on your big day should resonate with confidence, elegance, and a dash of your unique sparkle. Here's to finding that dream pair that not only complements your dress but also dances in rhythm with your heart. Step into your new chapter with grace and enthusiasm!


What are the trending styles in the best wedding shoes for brides in 2023?

In 2023, the trend leans towards sustainable materials, personalized embellishments, and the blend of tradition with comfort, such as the rise of adorned sneakers for events like the Sangeet.

How far in advance should I start my bridal shoe shopping?

Ideally, begin your hunt 3-6 months prior to the wedding. This gives ample time for selection, customization, and breaking in the shoes.

Is it essential for my bridal shoes to match the exact shade of my wedding dress?

Not necessarily. While some brides prefer a perfect match, others go for complementary shades or even contrasting colours for a bold statement.

How can I ensure my sneakers look appropriate for a sangeet function?

Look for sneakers with traditional embellishments, sequins, or those in metallic hues. The idea is to blend the casual nature of sneakers with the festivity of the sangeet.

What are some popular types of footwear for brides who prioritize comfort?

Ballet flats, kitten heels, wedges, and now, even embellished sneakers are top choices for brides valuing comfort alongside style.

Can I wear flats or sandals as bridal shoes?

Absolutely! It’s essential to choose what you feel most comfortable and confident in. With the variety of ornate flats and sandals available today, you won't be compromising on style either.